Hb Tea Time Collection
Hb Tea Time Collection
Hb Tea Time Collection
Hb Tea Time Collection
Hb Tea Time Collection
Hb Tea Time Collection

Havanah’s Bliss

Hb Tea Time Collection

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Let the Smell of the l Tea Time Collection Box Bring You Join and Fun

The scent of Tea is the most comforting, simple and pleasant way to refresh, enhance natural immune mechanisms, preserve health and beauty. The scent and taste of tea is a perfectly balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, biologically active substances that increase vitality and improve health.


The Tea Time Collection Box includes four sample boxes of

    • Vibrance and energy is obtained in this blend of sweet mango nectar, wild currant, bergamot tea, island breeze, key lime, passionfruit, papaya and magnolia blooms.


    • Lovely bramble tea leaves, juicy blackberry, and a touch of orange compose this soothing fragrance.


    • An invigorating blend that will lift spirit through bright notes of lemon, bergamot, lime, and white grapefruit. A crisp breeze with a hint of mint is captured in its heart before gently revealing a base of warm amber and earthy oakmoss.


    • A mesmerizing and energetic blend of English tea leaves, citrus lemon and white cane sugar.


    • Deep rich black tea intertwines with crisp bergamot and sweet honey in this enchanting floral fragrance.
Wax melts are better than scented candles. Try out Havana Bliss’s wax melts, they have been handmade by artisans top of their trade. Unlike other candles, HB’s wax melts are made of 100% natural soy blend that releases fragrances up to 180 hours. The aroma and physical makeup of the wax melts have up to 35 uses, and is also paraffin-free.
  • Benefits

     The wax melts last longer than scented candles and so are more cost-effective
     They are flame free and don’t release toxic chemicals
     There is more fragrance in wax melts
     They don’t generate soot and are better for the environment

    How Does It Work

    All you have do is put the melt in a wax warmer with a bulb or heat generator in between that helps soften the wax.


    100% natural vegetable blend, phthalate-free and essential oil-infused fragrance oils, and a small amount of dye that is hand-poured in the USA.