HB Classic Sample Box
Collection Set - Havanah’s Bliss
Collection Set - Havanah’s Bliss

Havanah’s Bliss

HB Classic Sample Box

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A lovely little holiday gift set containing an oil burner and a set of our high scented, home made, collection of wax melts. Packaged. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves home fragrance, incense or candles. Can be used when entertaining or everyday. Great for use in living areas but please do not leave unattended.

Pack contains:
1 x oil burner (random)
1 x collection of scents (your choice)
1 x t-lights and matches

How to use wax melts:
*Place 3-5 buttons in the top of the oil burner
*Carefully light a t-light and place it inside the oil burner (at the back).
*The t-light will heat the wax causing it to melt and release fragrance into your home.
*When the wax is running low just add a some more buttons or add a mix to create your own scent.